Tjeerd began his career marketing before making the transition to sales enablement and has now amassed over a decade of experience in enabling sellers across the world.

He describes himself as maniacal about boosting sales productivity and firmly believes that in many cases, coaching is most effective at changing behavior.

Tjeerd is currently GTM and Sales Enablement Director at EnterpriseDB.

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Key talking points:

  • The difference between enabling at a large corporation and in a smaller, startup environment
  • The future of the enablement landscape, and what this economic turbulence means for the function
  • How to turn your focus to customer retention, and how sales enablement can help drive that key to survival
  • The importance of maintaining a relationship with your CRO - and how to achieve it in the first place

And much more!

A little bit about our guest

Tjeerd is currently GTM and Sales Enablement Director at EnterpriseDB, having amassed more than a decade of experience in sales enablement roles across several companies. At the time of recording, Tjeerd was freelancing.

He began his sales enablement journey at Microsoft, before becoming Sales Enablement Manager at Optimizely, then Head of Sales Enablement globally at MessageBird prior to his current role at EnterpriseDB.

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